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Satmola Pachak Ajwayan Instant Gas Relief - 220gm

Satmola Pachak Ajwayan Instant Gas Relief - 220gm

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Relieve discomfort and bloating with Satmola Pachak Ajwain Instant Gas Relief.

This 220gm pack is your natural solution for soothing digestive issues quickly and effectively. Made from a blend of traditional herbs and spices, including Ajwain (Carom Seeds), this time-tested formula aids in digestion, alleviates gas, and provides instant relief from stomach discomfort.

Whether it's after a heavy meal or due to indigestion, trust Satmola Pachak Ajwain for fast and reliable relief. Keep your digestive system happy and comfortable with this convenient and tasty digestive aid. Order Now to experience the Authentic taste of India.

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